The farmer-oriented, nature-based and sustainable organic agriculture of Ueli-Hof Bio-Metzgerei, which consistently focuses on animal welfare and appropriate animal husbandry, is the reason why Napagrill has relied on the great partnership with Ueli-Hof as a supplier of organic meat from the beginning.
Located high above the bay of St. Niklausen, cows graze with their calves in lush green pastures. While the little piglets quench their thirst with their mother pig in the cool stable, the robust Hampshire pigs enjoy wallowing in the mud outside. The sheep graze under the shade of the Linden trees, and the farm dog enjoys the view of Lake Lucerne. The idyll is real… the original idea of living together with humans and animals in an intact nature shapes the work of Ueli-Hof. The careful rearing of the animals and the artisanal meat processing require time and are prerequisites for the unadulterated taste that is reflected, among other things, in our Napa Classic Bacon Sampler or in the Spare Ribs. The Ueli-Hof organic butcher shop, with its producer community of like-minded organic farmers from the region, creates outstanding quality.
Transparency is essential for Ueli-Hof and visible throughout the entire value chain: free access to the farms of the producer community and the generous windows in the in-house organic slaughterhouse provide insight into the daily work.
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The Facts

  • Origin: CH – Central Switzerland
  • Feed: Hay, grass or grass silage and additionally organic cereal waste.
  • Breed: mostly Hampshire pigs
  • Slaughter: once a week in their own slaughterhouse without mixing animals from different herds.
  • Transport: never longer than 2 hours
  • Energy production: photovoltaic & Swiss hydropower
  • Hormones & antibiotics: none
  • Slaughter age: Individual, to ensure the animals have enough time to grow. In general, no pigs are slaughtered under 7 months.


“Nose to Tail” means to use the entire animal in the processing and preparation of meat in order to minimize food waste and promote sustainability.
Ueli-Hof uses a unique LOT number, which is assigned to each animal and is always visible, to guarantee the traceability of their products.
Hampshire pigs are a robust breed that is well-suited for free-range farming. The sows only give birth to as many piglets as they can raise on their own milk.

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