We import most of our meat directly from the USA. We focus especially on the quality of the meat and species-appropriate and sustainable animal husbandry. We concentrate on meat that is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture awarded the quality label “USDA Prime Beef”. At present, under 6 percent of the cattle meet the strict quality criteria associated with this label. For selection and refinement we collaborate with the renowned master butcher Bryan Flannery in San Francisco. Bryan enriches the meat by dry aging, whereby the meat matures on the bone. He refines our meat at meticulously controlled temperature and humidity. Also our “Handcrafted Napa Grill-Butcher Burger” was created by Bryan exclusively for the Napa Grill: A 50/50 blend of chuck and fillet guarantees the best taste and fine texture. In addition to our “USDA Prime Beef”, meat lovers can also choose from prime cuts and other types of meat from Switzerland. Here, too, we attach great importance to quality and animal husbandry. Our partners are, among others, Uelihof and PIYA Premium Beef, both of which are setting a great example in animal husbandry and sustainability. We also offer alternatives for vegetarian and vegan guests with home-cooked dishes and burgers with the meat substitute Beyond Meat.

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