1.Raw materials

We aim to continuously reduce our consumption of water, energy, and land resources and regularly review, adjust our practices accordingly.

2. Ethics

When selecting our suppliers, we ensure they meet the highest standards with regard to human rights, labor rights, and animal welfare. We work closely with them to ensure these standards are continually improved.

3. Resource use

We only work with partners and suppliers who do not use antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones in animal farming. Additives we use in our products are proven to not be hazardous to health.

4. Origin

We prefer Swiss products and pay particular attention to points 1-3. If a product group is not available in the desired quality or quantity, we expand our sourcing radius while considering the mentioned criteria. When selecting products outside of Switzerland, we carefully evaluate origin, necessity, quality, and use, and continuously optimize the ecological footprint.

5. Uniqueness

For our exclusive products from the Napa Valley, we make an exception and accept that they are imported from the USA. We work closely with our butcher, Katie Flannery, to ensure that our imported USDA Prime Beef is sustainably produced.


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