Wendelin Hof

We are very happy to have the opportunity to offer the excellent poultry from the nearby Aargau. The gentle and nature-friendly rearing of Esther & Lukas Vock’s poultry is confirmed by Bio Suisse and KAG Freiland. The chickens spend the whole day on the pasture, where they have the opportunity to fully indulge in their natural behavior such as scratching and sand bathing. The strict alignment of the company’s philosophy with appropriate animal husbandry is implemented without compromise in every development. These high standards in rearing are reflected not only in a humane treatment of the chickens but also in a low cooking loss and an aromatic meat when prepared.

The Facts

  • Origin: CH – Niederwil
  • Feed: Organic without animal proteins, performance enhancers, and medications
  • Breed: Extensive breed from “Hubbard” breeding
  • Slaughter age: 80 days
  • Chick origin: Swiss organic eggs are hatched in an organic hatchery in Switzerland
  • Hormones & antibiotics: None


In conventional farming, the animals reach their slaughter weight of 2 kg after about 35 days, gaining approximately 60 g of weight per day.
In the on-farm poultry slaughterhouse. Certified and controlled by official authorities.
All animals are raised, regardless of gender.

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