We prefer to work with smaller producers when sourcing our products. They can maintain a better overview of their value chain and thereby ensure higher quality of their products. In particular, for products that are not available in Europe but are indispensable for us, we look for such producers.
An example of this is Felchlin chocolate. Due to the relatively small amount of cocoa needed compared to other providers of high-quality chocolate, Felchlin is able to maintain closer control and networking with the farmers on the ground. The company also advocates for health insurance for all farmers and their families on site.
They are aware that transportation of raw materials has a negative impact on the environment and therefore strive to minimize it. Since 2023, they have decided to partner with the Galliker Green Logistics Association to promote CO2-neutral transport. They also focus on sustainability in production and invested in a special heat recovery system in 2018, which allows them to save 45% of gas during the roasting process without sacrificing quality.
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The Facts

Origin of the cocoa: Ecuador area around the Rio Huimbi
Production: CH – Ibach SZ


  • 100% hydroelectric power
  • Roasting of the cocoa is done exclusively with natural gas when the supply situation allows.
Labels: Fair Direct Cacao | Fair Trade | Bio-Suisse | UTZ certified | Hochstamm Suisse


The price of cocoa fluctuates due to supply, demand, and quality. Since purchasing power varies in different countries, so does the value of cocoa. Felchlin uses long-term contracts to provide local partners with planning security and protect them from short-term price fluctuations. By paying higher prices for quality beans, they create long-term perspectives for their local partners.
Felchlin processes around 1,700 tons of cocoa, which corresponds to around 0.03% of the world’s cocoa harvest.

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